ActivePaper Archive Arborists best for tree care - The West Australian , 6/19/2020

Arborists best for tree care



A professional can can keep your property safe and looking great.

The recent storms have been responsible for major tree damage across WA. This serves as a good reminder to raise the issue of long-term maintenance of mature trees and the importance of getting qualified arborists to asses them before a problem arises.

An arborist, tree surgeon, or arboriculturist is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, including the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants in dendrology and horticulture.

Arborists mainly focus on the health and safety of individual plants and trees. They may specialise in one or more disciplines of arboriculture, such as diagnosis and treatment of pests, diseases and nutritional deficiencies in trees, climbing and pruning, cabling and lightning protection, and consultation and report writing.

Depending on the qualifications an arborist can also conduct tree assessments and provide reports regarding health and condition. They can provide best management practices for protecting trees on development sites, pest and disease identification and treatment, tree selection, pruning or nutrient programs and hazard management.

The Tree Guild of WA is dedicated to improving the professionalism of the tree industry and educating the general public about proper tree care. They run training courses in a variety of topics to help arborists improve their skills and knowledge.

It’s usually around winter that tree pruners or loppers will be knocking on doors or leaving pamphlets in the letterbox. The Tree Guilds advise owners to ask the following questions before they accept a quote:

› Reference to AS4373: Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007).

› Clear and full details of the work to be done written down as proof of works.

› Ask about insurance and liability cover.

› What will happen with the debris, is it to be mulched or cleared off site?

› Is GST is included?

› Who will be responsible for obtaining permission if the trees are protected by the Heritage Council of WA or a local council?

› What steps will be taken to protect you and your property?