ActivePaper Archive The 4000 monsters who live among us - The West Australian , 10/30/2021

The 4000 monsters who live among us

There are nearly 4000 offenders against children — including paedophiles and creeps who have dealt in sickening underage abuse material — living in WA.

Police previously revealed there were up to 20 “reportable offenders” in the Carnarvon area where Cleo Smith vanished two weeks ago.

Despite a request by The West Australian, police have not released the figure for the entire Gascoyne region of the State.

A “reportable offender” is someone who has been sentenced for a reportable offence against children, which are classified into two main categories.

Class one offences are sexual crimes or murders where the victim is a child, including attempting, planning or encouraging offences.

The possession, production or distribution of child exploitation material, as well as showing offensive material to children or indecently assaulting a child are categorised as class two offences.

These also include kidnapping a child or attempting, planning or encouraging others to do so, as well as any other offence for which the court has given an offender a reporting order.

According to WA Police data, there are 3842 criminals convicted of the above offences living in the State.

Reportable offenders are required to provide police with a long list of personal details including their address, phone numbers, passwords for social media and other websites, the names of children they live with or have regular contact with, details of their employment and clubs or organisations they are involved in.

They must also provide details of vehicles they own or drive and travel plans outside the State and update any changes in circumstances within seven days.

Separate statistics also show there were 15 kidnapping and “child stealing” events in WA in the last financial year, with two occurring in the same region four-year-old Cleo was suspected to have been abducted from.

Police records show there have already been seven kidnapping and “child stealing” offences recorded across the State since the start of the year.

Of those, four unfolded in the Perth metropolitan area and one in the Mid-West and Gascoyne.

Police data also showed since January 2007, WA recorded 328 reported abductions — more than 260 of those were in the metro area, and 13 occurred in the Mid West-Gascoyne region.

It comes after The West Australian revealed about eight people a day had appeared in Perth’s two main courthouses on a range of child sex offences in the past two weeks. At least 76 people charged with committing a child sex offence were scheduled to attend either Perth Magistrates Court and the WA District Court in that period.

Between October 18 and October 26, six men were sentenced in the District Court for their child sex crimes.